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Dogs (Les Chiens)

Denise and Jean-Yves, two accomplices in their seventies, sitting on a bench facing the sea, are waiting for a signal. From whom? Why? It would have been better if they could remember.



Cinematography Clémence THURNINGER

Music by Simon LAURIS

Année de production: 2022

Durée: 8mn 54s


Denise and Jean-Yves, two septuagenarian burglars, sit on a bench by the seaside on a sunny day. Their faces are concealed by hoods, and they appear to be waiting for a signal. Confined to the roles of mere accomplices, they bicker and discuss bitterness about the passage of time, old age, and death. Their friend Hervé, reduced to a vegetative state, weighs heavily on their minds. Gradually, their conversation unravels, their memories waver, and cracks emerge—until the sound of a closing door snaps them back to reality. The two old friends are held captive, medicated, and separated by a fence, trapped in an unending loop of conversation from which they cannot escape.

The film's title, "Dogs" (Les Chiens), is a reference to Diogenes of Sinope, the famous Greek philosopher and representative of the Cynic school. Diogenes once declared that he wanted to be buried "like a dog" and roamed the streets during the day with a lit lantern, challenging passersby with the question, "I am looking for a true man" (meaning a virtuous and wise individual).

Dogs (Les Chiens)

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