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Animation is a filmmaking technique by which still images are manipulated to create moving images. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets (cels) to be photographed and exhibited on film. Animation has been recognized as an artistic medium, specifically within the entertainment industry. Many animations are computer animations made with computer-generated imagery (CGI). Stop motion animation, in particular claymation, has continued to exist alongside these other forms. Animation is contrasted with live-action film, although the two do not exist in isolation. Many moviemakers have produced films that are a hybrid of the two. As CGI increasingly approximates photographic imagery, filmmakers can easily composite 3D animations into their film rather than using practical effects for showy visual effects (VFX).

Article Title : Animation
Article Snippet :technology such as the animated GIF and Flash animation were developed. In addition to short films, feature films, television series, animated GIFs, and other
Article Title : List of DreamWorks Animation productions
Article Snippet :DreamWorks Animation, a division of NBCUniversal, which includes animated feature films, shorts, specials, and television series. AMC The films that were
Article Title : List of Walt Disney Animation Studios films
Article Snippet :studio's films are also often called "Disney Classics" (or "Classic Animated Features" in the case of the films with traditional hand drawn animation), or
Article Title : DreamWorks Animation
Article Snippet :which was first used on the short film Bilby and animation system Premo for their films. Most of DreamWorks' films tend to cost between $125–165 million
Article Title : 20th Century Animation
Article Snippet :films (six films as Fox Family Films, three films from Fox Animation Studios, thirteen feature films from Blue Sky Studios, and eight original films)
Article Title : Computer animation
Article Snippet :Magic – Films include Rango (2011) and Strange Magic (2015) Omation Animation Studios – Films include Barnyard (2006) Pacific Data Images – Films include
Article Title : List of films with live action and animation
Article Snippet :This is a list of films with live-action and animation, films that combine live-action and animated elements, typically interacting. 1900 – The Enchanted
Article Title : List of Warner Bros. Pictures Animation productions
Article Snippet :Pictures Animation's upcoming slate of films includes The Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two (both 2026), an untitled Locksmith Animation film, Margie
Article Title : History of animation
Article Snippet :Méliès' early fantasy films and trick films (released between 1896 and 1913) occasionally contain elements that somewhat resemble animation, including painted
Article Title : Sony Pictures Animation
Article Snippet :partnered in 2007 with Aardman Animations to finance, co-produce and distribute feature films. Together, they produced two films: Arthur Christmas (2011),
technology such as the animated GIF and Flash animation were developed. In addition to short films, feature films, television series, animated GIFs, and other
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